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Our goal is to Support, Facilitate and Promote activities organized by the residents of Canyon Vistas RV Resort and Superstition Views.

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Similar to systems used very successfully by other groups on the web, our FORUM is a place for residents to share information, ideas and concerns in an interactive manner. Unlike a static website that only provides information, residents can log-on to discuss issues and update information quickly and easily. The log-on is anonymous so that personal information is protected and not available to others on the web unless the individual specifically chooses to publish it.


Residents who are logged on can send private messages to each other.

Ideas, issues and concerns with the operation of Canyon Vistas RV Resort by Cal-Am can be shared and discussed. However, the forum is moderated to ensure that only constructive criticism is permitted. This will create a cooperative and supportive relationship between Cal-Am and residents that will benefit both parties.

How it works

The key difference between the Forum and a WebPage is that the posts are created and replied to by you the resident. Unlike the information on the webpage which must be sent to the moderator to be posted, you control what information is presented on the forum and are free to express your opinion (with some limitations).

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Helpful Hints ...........

  • Do not put any personal information in your posts. These can be viewed by anyone on the internet.
  • Do not FLAME anyone else's post. Your post will be removed and if you continue, you may be banned from the site.
  • No political discussion or religious topics.
  • If you insert a link to pictures posted elsewhere (i.e. Google+ or Photobucket) make sure you set the picture album to share with everyone so that others can see your pictures when they click the link.

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