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Welcome to the 2016/17 Season

The club will meet at the Rio Salado Sportsman's Club - Shotgun Area Parking Lot at 8:15 - 8:30 AM every Thursday <- NEW

We normally start with a round of Sporting Clays, but may also shoot pistol and/or rifle on the main range.

See map below for meeting place. If you would like to car pool, meet in front of the CV main office. (Leave CV by 8:00)
It is recommended to call Jerry or Bill the day before to make sure someone stops to pick you up).

New shooters are always welcome!!

For new shooters.

  • Please download and fill out THIS FORM for your first day shooting.

  • You should have a basic knowledge of safe gun handling. However, it is not necessary that you know how to shoot sporting clays as we will be happy to introduce you to the game and get you started. There is a wide range of experience in the club from novice to experienced and everyone is welcome. If you have any questions about safe gun handling or need a refresher, feel free to call one of the coordinators who will be happy to help you out.

  • Allow an extra 15 minutes for checking in at the range office and obtaining an activation card for the clay targets.  The cost is $35.00 for non-members. You may also be required to watch a short safety video.

  • The best gun for sporting clays is an over/under, but pump action, lever action, semi-auto & SxS also work well.  12 guage is the norm, but many successful shooters use either 16 ga or 20 ga. If you do not have a shotgun, you are still welcome to come out as there is always a club member or two who will lend you a gun for the day.

  • You will need at least 100 rounds of shotgun ammo (no larger than 7 1/2 shot). Ammunition can be purchased at the range office.

  • Eye protection is mandatory and ear protection is strongly recommended.  Drinking water is available on the range.

Meeting Place

Gun Club Polo Shirt.

CV Gun Club

Contact Jerry Sullivan for information on how to order your own.

One of Arizona's finest shooting ranges is only 20 minutes away.

Rio Salado Sportsman Club         Rio Salado Sportsman Club - Weekly Activities

A very popular discipline is Sporting Clays.  Sometimes known as "Golf with Guns". Sporting Clays

Cowboy Action - the fastest growing shooting sport in the United States.

SASS Intro

Guns & Canadians........

The following information is intended for a Canadian who owns a park model or residence at Canyon Vista/Superstition Views and wants to purchase and possess a gun for sporting purposes. The gun will be kept in their residence all year and will not be taken back to Canada. For info on how to bring a gun from Canada into the United States, see:

Link: ATF - Bringing a firearm or ammunition to the U.S. for hunting/sport purposes

Like Canada who welcomes US sportsmen and women who enter the country to shoot, the United States also accomodates Canadians who want to possess firearms.

Disclaimer:  The following is offered for information only and does not constitute legal advice.  Because gun law penalties can be very severe, it is the individual's responsibility to ensure they research the laws of the United States and the State of Arizona to understand the requirements and penalties with respect to the possession of firearms by Non-Resident Aliens.  If you have different information, or can add more details to the following, please contact

In general, it is illegal for Canadians as non-resident aliens to purchase or possess firearms in the United States.  However, both federal and state laws have exceptions to allow for the possession of firearms for legitimate purposes.

Federal Law:

The following is from the ATF Website at "ATF Ruling on Possession of Firearms by Non-Resident Aliens"


An alien admitted to the United States under a nonimmigrant visa is not prohibited from purchasing, receiving, or possessing a firearm if the alien falls within one of the following exceptions:

(1) is in possession of a hunting license or permit lawfully issued by the Federal Government, a State, or local government, ....

(2) was admitted to the United States for lawful hunting or sporting purposes;

In addition, a nonimmigrant alien legally in the United States with or without a nonimmigrant visa may lawfully acquire a firearm only if he/she meets State of residence requirements as required by the Federal government.


A persons "state of residency" is defined by regulation 27 CFR 478.11 as "the state in which an individual resides.  An individual resides in a state if he or she is present in a state with the intention of making a home in that state".

  • Ownership of a home in the state is not sufficient in itself to establish residency as the person must intend to make a home there.
  • Ownership of a home is not required to establish presence and make a home in the state.
  • Short-term stays & vacations are not sufficient to establish presence and intent to make a home.  The exact definition of short-term is not clear, but the assumption is less than a month.
  • In the past, there was a 90 day requirement for non-resident aliens to be present in the state before acquiring a firearm and you may see this in some documents. However, this is no longer in effect.
  • Owning a Park Model where you stay for several months each year should qualify you as "establishing a presence with an intent to make a home"

Note that the state of residency requirement is for aquisition only and not possession.  State of residency requirements are explained in the following document on the ATF website.

To establish state of residency, it is recommended to apply for an Arizona ID Card.  These can be aquired through ADOT at:

Click here for the ADOT On-line ID Card Application.

Arizona Hunting Licenses are available on-line at:
Alternatively, you can obtain a letter from the Rio Salado Sportsman's Club inviting you to compete at the club. The hunting license is the recommended method as it eliminates any misunderstandings that might occur if you are stopped by the police and they are not familiar with the law.

See the ATF website for FAQs on Non-Immigrant Aliens and Firearms:

State of Arizona:

Similar to federal law, Arizona law has an exception to allow non-immigrant aliens to possess firearms while present in the state.

See 13-3101 - Sec 7(e)(i) & (ii) at

7. "Prohibited possessor" means any person: ...... 

(e) Who is an undocumented alien or a nonimmigrant alien traveling with or without documentation in this state for business or pleasure or who is studying in this state and who maintains a foreign residence abroad. This subdivision does not apply to:

(i) Nonimmigrant aliens who possess a valid hunting license or permit that is lawfully issued by a state in the United States.

(ii) Nonimmigrant aliens who enter the United States to participate in a competitive target shooting event or to display firearms at a sports or hunting trade show that is sponsored by a national, state or local firearms trade organization devoted to the competitive use or other sporting use of firearms.

Purchasing your firearm:

  • The easiest way for a Canadian to purchase and possess a firearm is through a private sale. This may be at a gun show, from an ad at the gun club or from adds on Craig's List or Back Page. Important - You may only purchase from an Arizona resident.
  • From a Federal Firearms Licensed Store as described below......

To purchase from an FFL, you must complete an ATF Form 4473 (Click Here for a copy)Check out the FBI FFL Tip sheet here.

Note that in question 15, you will need a US issued alien number or admission number.  The FFL is not permitted to process your purchase unless he/she has this number.

To obtain this, you have to have been issued an I-94, which is now done electronically.  If you have entered the US by air or sea, this is automatically done at the border crossing.  Unfortunately, if you only entered the US at a land crossing, you will not have an I-94 on file.  You can check for your records on-line at

Update Oct 7/16 - The ATF website now states that if a Canadian asks a Customs & Border Protection Agent(CBP) for an Alien Number to be issued he/she will be given one. See:

For question 20c, you must provide proof of your exception status.  This will be a valid hunting license or a letter from a gun club inviting you to participate in lawful shooting sports competition.

Note:  The FBI tip sheet states that you must have an ICE-issued piece of identification with an A#.  At this time, I have not figured out what this is and how to get one.  Will update once I have the info.

Other State Laws:

As would apply to a Canadian traveling from Arizona to attend a shooting event.

Nevada - Does not appear to have any restrictions specific to non-resident aliens.  Federal law would still apply

Nevada State Law - Chapter 202 - Crimes against public health and safety.


Jerry Sulivan

Bill Johnson