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Canyon Vista & Superstition Views Residents Group




The "mycanyonvista.com" website is operated for the benefit of the residents of Canyon Vista & Superstition Views and has absolutely no connection to the resort management nor to the owner Cal-Am properties.  It is 100% supported by private donation.

It offers a secure and if necessary anonymous platform for residents of Canyon Vista/Superstition Views to:

Activity on the Forum & Activity Webpages will illustrate to Cal-Am Properties the high level of interest in specific activities and may help to encourage the Resorts to further develop facilities to meet the needs of the residents.


Privacy & Protection of Personal Information


All information collected from the users of this website is treated in the strictest confidence.  This includes e-mail addressed to the moderator or webmaster.



This website is moderated for content.  While residents are encouraged to speak their mind, there are certain restrictions.  Constructive criticism is welcome, but certain comments are not allowed and will be removed:

The webmaster of this site retains the right to view, edit and if necessary delete topics and posts that do not comply with the above guidelines.  Users who continue to post such items after receiving a warning may be banned at the discretion of the webmaster.


The webmaster retains the right as the sole judge of compliance with these guidelines.


Our Vision Statement


The publishers of this website hold Canyon Vistas RV Resort and Superstition Views Resort to be the premier destination for snowbirds in Southern Arizona.


Our intent is to maintain and enhance the residents lifestyle while recognizing that Cal-Am is a business providing a service and must maximize return on investment to the benefit of it's shareholders.  We believe that through a supportive and mutually respectful relationship, these two objectives are achievable and are not mutually exclusive.


The publishers of this website consider Canyon Vista RV Resort and Superstition Views Resort to be well managed and recognizes that both local management and Cal-Am management in general have the intent to act in a professional and honest manner.  Furthermore, as owners of homes that are semi-permanent fixtures in the resort, any issue that reflects poorly on Cal-Am also reflects poorly on us and can affect the marketability of our units.