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It has not been confirmed that Bumbee Ball will be played during the 2016/17 Season. If you are coordinating it, please let the Webmaster know by clicking this message.

Bumbee Ball at The Views Tennis Courts Bumbee Ball

Welcome to the 2016/17 Season

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Come See What It Is All About!

Regular Play
Days & Times to be confirmed

Days: - Monday, Wednesday & Saturday

Time: - 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

This is a very easy game that anyone can play. No experience necessary.


Click Here for Game Rules

Looking to purchase the special Bumbee balls?

Penn QST 36 Foam Red Tennis Balls.
Available at (12 for $26.34)
Click for link to

Do you have a spare tennis racket that you could donate?  The Bumbee Ball group is looking for some for new users.  Contact Sue Raisieger.


To Be Determined